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Frshr Tech Case Studies

Frshr Technologies works across the entire lifecycle of your software products starting with prototyping to development, testing, cloud deployment & ongoing support. Our portfolio of products that we have built for our Enterprise and Startup customers range from multitude of Industries such as EdTech, FinTech, Security and Identity, Travel & Hospitality, Healthcare, CPG & Retail, Logistics, Gaming, Public Sector and Governance.

Below are some of the Products that we have built for our Enterprise and Startup customers in variety of domains and using the latest tech stack:


AI and Machine Learning Case Study

PrimeID – Digital Identity Solution



Identity Fraud is a $16.9 billion problem and becoming worse due to the increasing popularity of social media applications and multi-channel account access. Criminals targeting smaller numbers of victims but inflicting greater losses through more complex and varied approaches. Current identity fraud detection solutions are reactive by design and don’t protect consumers and businesses from criminals.

We received the Vision document for the PrimeID product from the Synerphase founding team and developed the entire product from scratch using AI and Machine Learning in less than 3 months timeframe.  Our AI experts at Frshr Tech partnered with the founding team and played a key role in roadmap development and delivered API integrations with Facebook, Twitter, Shopify, Spotify, and DocuSign.


Mobile App Development Case Study

MySmartStop Mobile App



The goal of the MySmartStop app that we built from ground up is to use smartphone technology and GPS technology to make traffic stops safer. This app allows motorists to send key information to officers as soon as they are being pulled over by a police officer. This ensures that the officer has this information before the officer approaches the car.

This app assists both motorist and officer by providing greater communication immediately as the stop occurs. It provides comfort to motorists that their information has been sent ahead of time. For officers, they have more insight into who is driving the car.

Frshr Tech team redesigned the technology stack for the MySmartStop app and helped create the app in the latest technology stack such as SWIFT for iOS, Google Firebase for GPS and OTP, and Node.js for application backend. We did a quick design and development for the mobile app to deliver the ready mobile app in less than 2-month timeframe.


Software Product Development Case Study

CodeQuarks – Code Sharing EdTech Platform



CodeQuarks is a code-sharing product, which helps programming coaches teach to a large group of students by sharing code samples in live classes. Frshr Tech was hired by a renowned AI and ML programming coach to create this custom web product to help expand their software training business.

In addition to catering to dozens of code formats, the products enable trainers to share code in real-time, use the product for interviews, troubleshooting, teaching, and many more use cases. This code sharing platform also has a paid version, which enables students to get premium features, make payments online, and store their code samples for future references. Frshr Tech team built this innovative platform in a short period of 12 weeks and went live on AWS for thousands of students learning from this platform.


eCommerce Platform Case Study

Say Cheezz – Online Photography DSLR Camera Rental and Sales



Say Cheezz is a popular Bangalore based Photography business, which provides cameras for sales and short term rentals. With their increased footfalls in their brick and mortar store in Bangalore, they wanted to franchise their business and provide a seamless online experience to their customers and franchise owners.

Frshr Technologies team worked closely with Say Cheezz business owners and analyzed their requirements. We suggested building a custom ground up eCommerce platform powered by Node.js and Angular.js to meet their very specific and highly custom franchise expansion and rental/sales requirements. In a short period of 20 weeks, Say Cheezz eCommerce portal went live and now provides an unmatched range of DSLR and Digital camera rental and sales for their customers covering a wide service area.

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