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We work with lot of startups and often find that startups find it difficult to hire a full time QA or Software Tester. This results in Developers wearing a dual hat of part-time tester, which is obviously not a optimal strategy. Lot of bugs stay hidden in your released software product, which are often discovered by end-users, thus resulting in poor user feedback and adoption.

Frshr Tech testing teams helps companies by delivering enterprise digital assurance through engineering-led QA. Our Testing, Validation and Automation Solutions teams work closely with you to enhance the value of your offerings and ensure end-user delight.

Frshr Tech Validation Solutions delivers digital assurance through automation testing and QA activities. In line with shifting QA needs of organizations, we help our clients become resilient by increasing their business agility and future-proofing their organization while ensuring speed and efficiency in a digital world.

Free 4 Week Software Testing Module 

We offer a free 4 Week QA & Testing module, which is completely free for Europe, UK and US companies. You get to receive below services free of cost from our QA team:

  1. Week 1 – Software Test Strategy : Frshr Tech QA team provides a comprehensive Software QA and Test strategy document for your software product.
  2. Week 2 – Test Case Development : Frshr Tech QA team works with your development team and helps you develop a comprehensive set of Test cases in Week 2.
  3. Week 3 and 4 – Test Case Execution & Reporting : In Week 3 and 4, Frshr Tech QA team executes the test cases that were developed in week 2. Post the test case execution, team helps you with the comprehensive test report, thus highlighting the areas where your team can improve the product, fix the bugs and increase user adoption.

Our Testing Services

Frshr Technologies QA Services for Seamless User Experience

  1. Functional Testing: Conforming functional requirements with expected output through software system validation with enhanced focus on database security, user interface, APIs etc.
  2. Mobile App Testing: Manual and automated end-to-end cross browser testing for diverse mobile applications
  3. Performance Testing: Delivering flawless and secured applications by improving responsiveness, application stability and load time for seamless performance and user experience
  4. Security Testing: Removing and minimizing potential intruders through security testing at each stage and subsequently performing risk assessment and penetration testing to safeguard software from malicious threats
  5. Usability Testing: Identifying and eliminating functionality and performance glitches by monitoring software’s behavior on running multiple functions in parallel

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