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How we Build and Finance your Dream Product

So, you have an exciting Software Idea, but no team to build it. What is hard is that you cannot afford a Tech team at this point. And, you repeatedly knock at VC’s doors, but VCs need traction, proof of success, revenues and of course a working product to fund your dreams.

Fret not, we at Frshr Venture Studios perfectly understand your dilemma. 

Frshr Venture Studios help build your software products. We help to take your Startup Idea to MVP in 12 short weeks, and even take care of the cloud, hosting and operations cost. We run the software system for you, as long it takes for you to get the Venture Funding Millions you desire.

In last 3 years, we have launched more than 12 products in NFT, Blockchain, AI, Machine Learning, Web and Mobile Apps through our Venture Studio model. We have built products in variety of domains such as Travel, Defence, Fashion, Fintech, HR, Accounting, Crypto and Stock Trading space in last 3 years. 


So what Products have we built so far?

Some of the exciting products we have built are as below: – NFTindya is our white-labelled product for Turnkey NFT marketplaces. NFTindya is a readymade NFT marketplace that we can launch for you in 4 short weeks. Users can Mint NFT, Sell NFT and Buy NFTs on this marketplace without any crypto complexity. 

We have used cutting edge L1 Blockchain technology to create this platform, and NFT minting cost on NFTindya is as low as USD $1 and NFT minting time is less than 2 minutes. We can white-label this platform and make this available under your brand name and help you launch it in your geography, whether it is US, UK, Europe or Asia. – We have launched Europe’s largest Ski resort booking engine for our UK client SkiYodl. This travel website is created from scratch by us, and client came to us with just a Idea. We helped build this platform and more than 2500 Ski Resorts in France, Austria and Switzerland are available to rent in this platform. This travel product has been very successful and client was successful in raising multi-million pound funding for this platform.

AIRecognize – AIRecognize is a Machine Learning platform for defence industry. Imagine intruders covering their face and entering sensitive military installations. AIRecognise is a Gait and Posture recognition AI software which helps recognise a person with the way they walk and hence its very much required software system in government, defence and military offices and sensitive installations. – is a Robo advisor for CME exchange, USA. We have built this mobile app for traders to get timely trading signals to trade commodities on CME exchange. With the trading world being taken over by algorithms, this is a timely mobile app for individual traders to compete and win against Hedge funds.


How do we work with you?

Ok, so you have a need to build a great startup tech product and we fulfil the need as we do build great products.

How do the two of us work together? 

Here is our standard roadmap of engaging with Startups:

Day 1 – We do a requirement session with the Founders and understand the requirement in detail. We revert with a project plan within 24 hours.

Week 1 – Week 11 – We build the product for the startup and provide weekly updates through weekly calls. We provide a test hosting server for founders to keep testing the product-in development and to provide us regular feedback.

Week 12Product Launch week. We host the product in Production Cloud and you are ready to start marketing your product, do demos to VCs, investors and prospective clients and start making money from your venture.

Week 13 onwards – We maintain and host the product in Production cloud environment and provide complete tech support and maintenance for your software system. 

So not only we build your product from scratch, but we also finance it and keep running the system till you find customers or investors and can run it independently. 


And what do you pay?

We have kept the commercial model very simple for new entrepreneurs like you. There is no upfront build cost, and instead it is replaced by an small monthly fee as below:

Monthly Fee – We charge a small monthly fee of $1500 per month to build and maintain the product as long as you need us to maintain it. 

Once you have raised the investment funds, you can pay us a one-time fee and take over the complete system, production cloud and code-base from us and run it independently. 

Our support is completely equity-free and you do not pay us any equity or stock for building your product and financially supporting your product. 


Ready to rock and roll?

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