FinTech Industry

Strong Fintech domain and product development skills


Captiger is a Deal Flow Platform that manages the Deal Flow and opportunities that a VC and PE firms receives on a regular basis. Captiger helps you manage the incoming Deal Flow, helps VC firms to shortlist the key deals and helps your conversion ratios.


Disruptions in the business landscape and the impact of technology are compelling banks to shift to innovative business models, while delivering superior experience with agility. We have created robust capabilities through investments in emerging technology products and by leveraging crowdsourcing platforms such as TopCoder, service design innovation through Designit, partnerships with emerging fintech players, and innovation labs across the globe.
Our team of consultants enable banks in shaping the future in payments, digital channels, credit services, digital core, and commercial and corporate banking. By leveraging our AI platform, banks drive higher efficiency in functions such as application, and infrastructure management and testing. We have also created niche IP in areas such as mortgage loan origination, eKYC, data discovery and cyber security.
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