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Software Product Development Services

Software Products have revolutionized the technology landscape. Software product market turnover in the USA was $456.1 Billion in 2018 and is expected to grow to $507.2 Billion in 2021.

At Frshr Tech, we build a variety of Software Products for our clients by using NFT, Blockchain, AI and Machine Learning, Metaverse, Mobile Apps and Web technologies. Our proprietary methodology of ‘Idea to MVP in 12 weeks’ ensures rapid Go-to-market and client success.

Software Product development helps businesses align their growth strategies with market expectations. While developing a robust software product, it is essential to pick innovative ideas and envision a product that keeps pace with end-user expectations and incorporate new-age technologies. Product users also relentlessly demand continuous evolution in product features and specifications for a differentiated experience. The very thought of developing a market-ready product could be overwhelming for enterprises for the simple reason that it requires investment, time, and a separate team of product developers.


From Idea to MVP in 12 Weeks

Frshr Technologies provides high-quality and transformative end-to-end product development solutions that incorporate new technologies and architecture to enable businesses to achieve desired objectives. We have a team of product experts and engineers that capitalize on cutting-edge technologies and employ a robust framework to proactively address end-user demands while keeping in mind your time and budget constraints.


Here is how we can help you

We take care of the complete product development life cycle for multiple lines of businesses. Let’s have a look at our offerings in software development:

  • Product Roadmap & Architecture: We help you develop the Product Roadmap as per your vision and integrate market realities and competitive landscape in your roadmap. We ensure that product architecture and tech stack are scalable, the latest, and best in class. When you scale from a few hundred users to millions of users, our product architecture scales up effortlessly and helps you realize your dreams.


  • Product Development & Integration: Our product development is agile, fast and our engineering teams provide real-time updates to you on the product development status. We provide a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) in a short timeframe of 12 weeks and bring your dreams to reality.


  • Product Testing: Our comprehensive and detail-oriented testing services ensure dependability and accuracy. We have a team of experts who employs industry best practices that facilitate the testing of innovative and complex products.


  • Product Support: Our round-the-clock maintenance team helps your business to keep pace with industry technology trends and ensures that your product has a full spectrum of functionalities for end-user delight.


Case Studies:

CodeQuarks Code sharing platform

CodeQuarks is a code-sharing product, which helps programming coaches teach to a large group of students by sharing code samples in live classes. Frshr Tech was hired by a renowned AI and ML programming coach to create this custom web product to help expand their software training business.

In addition to catering to dozens of code formats, the products enable trainers to share code in real-time, use the product for interviews, troubleshooting, teaching, and many more use cases. This code sharing platform also has a paid version, which enables students to get premium features, make payments online, and store their code samples for future references. Frshr Tech team built this innovative platform in a short period of 12 weeks and went live on AWS for thousands of students learning from this platform.

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