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At Frshr Technologies, we believe in realizing dreams. Dreams of beautiful products, dreams of ecstatic users and dreams of your success. We are a team of software product development experts, engineers, designers, product managers and entrepreneurs, with a common vision of client success.


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Frshr Technologies' journey started as a EdTech Product Startup. Over the years, we have built solid products in EdTech, AI, FinTech, Enterprise Platforms and Security Domain.
Frshr Technologies provides high-quality and transformative end-to-end product development solutions that incorporate new technologies and architecture to enable businesses to achieve desired objectives.
We have a team of product experts and engineers that capitalize on cutting-edge technologies and employ a robust framework to proactively address end-user demands while keeping in mind your time and budget constraints.
Frshr.in EdTech Portal
Our journey started with Frshr.in, an EdTech platform to upskill fresh college graduates. Often, College grads do not have market ready skills. Also, Frshr.in EdTech portal built by our team fills this gap.
WinMyRFP.ai is a AI powered RFP management platform. WinMyRFP helps a company streamline their Bid management process and focus on winning bids, thus impacting topline and bottomline.
AI4QMS is a Healthcare AI platform built by our teams to manage the consumer complaints management process for a Pharma company. This platform helps to comply with FDA guidelines and respond faster .
Captiger is a Deal Flow Platform that manages the Deal Flow and opportunities that a VC and PE firms receives on a regular basis. Captiger helps you manage the incoming Deal Flow, helps VC firms to shortlist the key deals and helps your conversion ratios.

Our portfolio of products that we have built for our Enterprise and Startup customers range from multitude of Industries such as EdTech, FinTech, Security and Identity, Travel & Hospitality, Healthcare, CPG & Retail, Logistics, Gaming, Public Sector and Governance.

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