Web Design and Development Services

Frshr Tech Web Design and Development Services

The market size, measured by revenue, of the Web Design Services industry is $39.6bn in 2020. To serve growing businesses and industry leaders Frshr Technologies have carved out a niche in Web design and development.

Our expertise comprises of web application development, alongside valued consulting and analysis solutions. We empower clients with adaptive web applications built using opensource and enterprise technologies such as Angular, Node.js, LAMP stack, Python, MongoDB, React, Javascript to simplify complex business workflows.

Creating Memorable Digital Experiences

With our creative design and technology competence, we offer custom web design and development services and help our clients in building and augmenting their online presence. Our web development team is adept at fusing advanced web design technology with modern business concepts to deliver web services that are optimal blend of visibility and usability and boost customer discovery and conversion. We deliver tailored solutions ranging from informational websites for small businesses and start-ups to feature rich, ultra-modern user experience for internationally reputed large scale corporations and e-commerce stores.


How do we empower your Web Identity

  1. Website Design: Tailored website design solutions that are feature-packed, secure, completely functional with client & customer centric design and scalable as organization grows


  1. eCommerce Web Development: Delivering customized, world class and high-performing e-shopping experience through building e-commerce strategy, leveraging design & coding expertise for customer engagement, streamlined processes and tangible business results


  1. Agile Website Development: Augmenting online reach through improved usability with excellent information architecture, mobile-friendliness, clutter-free navigation and high visual appeal that offers seamless user experience


  1. Website Maintenance Services: Ensuring updated and secured website maintenance services through revising, editing and changing existing web pages for both short term and long term success of businesses


Key Highlights

Frshr Tech specialized tech teams ensure the below for your web development projects:

  1. SEO Optimized: Generate organic traffic from search engines to build authority and trust online
  2. Fast Loading Design: Enhance website page load time through front end performance optimization
  3. Clean Code: Clean code writing for future maintenance and feature additions


Case Studies:

CodeQuarks – Code Sharing Web Platform



CodeQuarks is a code-sharing web platform, which helps programming coaches teach to a large group of students by sharing code samples in live classes. Frshr Tech was hired by a renowned AI and ML programming coach to create this custom web product to help expand their software training business.

In addition to catering to dozens of code formats, the products enable trainers to share code in real-time, use the product for interviews, troubleshooting, teaching, and many more use cases. This web based code sharing platform also has a paid version, which enables students to get premium features, make payments online, and store their code samples for future references. Frshr Tech team built this innovative web platform in a short period of 12 weeks and went live on AWS for thousands of students learning from this platform.

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